With a wealth of industry knowledge and well maintained in house equipment, you can relax knowing that we can take care of your every technical need. We are happy to listen to your ideas, visit your venue and ensure that the equipment we are providing you is right for the job. We can even supply a technician to look after you for the day to operate things like Microphones for speeches.

Festival Fields, Bilsington - Florence B


From Fairylights and Festoon to disco lights, we've got it. Lighting your venue properly will enhance both the atmosphere through the day for you and your guests and also the pictures! 

We will design and manage every detail of your lighting requirements and its installation into your venue. This will leave you worry free and confident that all your lighting needs will be catered for to the highest quality.

Let us make your wedding the envy of all your instagram followers by giving your venue the lighting wow factor.


Don't forget to use your entire surroundings to immerse you and your guests in your venue and surroundings. 

From lighting feature trees and lakes to venue architecture, we will come up with a solution to make your surroundings a part of your big day.

Tell us about your venue and we'll happily suggest ways and lighting packages to bring out its character.



You've spent weeks, if not months, perfecting your speech, but what if they cant hear you at the back? Don't let the small details ruin your big moment.

Whether you are looking for a small PA system to reinforce your speech or a large system for a band or disco, then look no further. We have a system for all occasions and we will sit down with you and work out the best one for you. We can even supply an engineer and operator for you to take the stress out of having to worry about it.


Power is the backbone of every event. Whether you are in a purpose built venue or in a field its important to have a reliable and safe supply. If you don’t have access to a supply that's big enough or reliable enough then don’t worry, we can help.

We have a wealth of experience installing generators for live events with temporary power needs. We’ll work with you and your designated suppliers to establish the size of the event and power requirements, ensuring that we can deliver exactly what you need. We’ll provide, install and commission your generator, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your event’s power is safe and suitable.


Please call our events team to check stock availability and to book on:

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